Robusta Coffee Powder

Robusta Coffee Powder

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Robusta Coffee is the second most popular coffee in the world, is a type of coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant.

It's often used in instant coffee and espresso blends.

What does Robusta coffee taste like?

Robusta coffee tastes earthy and is often said to have a bitter, rubbery/grain-like flavor, with a peanutty aftertaste. It could depend a lot on the quality of the beans and the way they are roasted. Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine and less sugar than arabica beans, and therefore taste stronger and harsher than arabica.

Robusta vs. Arabica comparison:

There are a number of notable differences between these two main coffee contenders.

Contains more caffeine. Robusta has twice as much (or more) caffeine as arabica.

Tastes different. Robusta tastes more bitter than Arabica. This bitter flavor is in part due to the higher caffeine content. It's also higher in chlorogenic acid (CGA) which has a bitter flavor, it contains around 7-10% CGA, where Arabica has around 5.5-8%. CGA. There is also about half the sugar content in robusta. Overall robusta is described as tasting earthy, harsh, grainy, with hints of burnt wood/rubber, and an aftertaste of peanuts.

Beans are different in size and color. Robusta beans are usually smaller, thicker and rounder than arabica beans. They are also a little darker when raw.

Best Way to Store Coffee Powder

How we store our coffee powder, your goal when storing ground coffee should be one thing. To preserve its freshness and by extension its taste and flavor. The greatest negative factors in storing ground coffee are light, air, moisture, and heat. By storing ground coffee in an opaque container that is airtight, you can avoid these negative factors.

First, the coffee powder has to be kept in a double wrap sealable package. This is a preliminary step to keep out moisture and light.

After this, the package is to be kept in a container that does not let in moisture or light. The food storage containers for this are those that are airtight and are lightproof.

Roasted robusta coffee Powder

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