Dried Birds Eye Chilli / Kanthari

Dried Birds Eye Chilli / Kanthari

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Capsicum frutescence or Bird Eye chilli is one of the cultivar groups of species Capsicum annuum. The pungent types of Bird Eye pepper considered a condiment or spice for seasoning and stimulating the appetite as well as used in local medicine mainly for herbal practitioners who prepare ointments for joint pains and rheumatism.

Bird’s Eye Chili, 'Kanthari' (Malayalam: കാന്താരി) is the name of a pepper chilly that is indigenous to the land of Kerala state, India. Kanthari is known for its extreme hotness and pungent despite the small size (not more than 2-3 cm). Bird’s Eye Chili is one among the ten hottest chili peppers in the world.

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Medicinal Values and Health Benefits of Birds Eye Chili

·         It reduces Blood sugar.

·         It lowers cholesterol and acts against arthritis and rheumatism.

·         Capsaicin has very powerful pain-relieving properties.

·         Chilies can also be used as an insect repellent when crushed with water.

·         It increases appetite by stimulating the gut.

·         People used this chili to treat bruises and swelling.

·         Various studies show that birds eye chilli has antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial activities.

·         It is also reported that it prevents blood clots, halts bleeding quickly, knocks out cold and flu.

·         It also reduces risk of heart diseases and tuberculosis.

·         Green or ripe chilies can be used in cooking or can be eaten raw with other dishes.

·         It has a very distinct smell and imparts great flavor to the food.


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