Uru Inside Wheel -Teak Wood -Wall type

Uru Inside Wheel -Teak Wood -Wall type

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  • Weight: 22 x 22 Inch
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22 x 22 Inch

The Uru, commonly referred to as the Fat Boat, originates from Beypore, Kerala, situated on the southwestern coast of India. Historically utilized by Arabs as trade vessels, urus are still manufactured and exported from Beypore to Arab nations and other parts of the world.

Initially constructed from various woods, predominantly teak obtained from the Nilambur forests, a few boat-building yards continue to operate in Beypore.

The tradition of crafting urus in Beypore, along Kerala's northern coast, can be traced back to the beginning of India’s maritime trade with Mesopotamia.

Crafted by skilled artisans renowned for their expertise in constructing original dhows, the finest quality Uru miniatures are shipped from Beypore. These miniatures serve as precise replicas of the original Urus, symbolizing the enduring trade relationships between India and other nations. They are frequently used as ideal gifts or to exhibit traditional handicraft art in homes or offices.

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