White Pepper

White Pepper

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Pepper has earned Kerala transnational fame. The Malayalam name for pepper is kurumulaku. Pepper has been used as a spice in India since prehistoric times. It was probably first cultivated on the Malabar Coast of India, in what is now the state of Kerala. Black pepper was a much-prized trade good often referred to as black gold and used as a form of commodity money.

Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices worldwide. It has a sharp and mildly spicy flavor that goes well with many dishes. But black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple. It has been deemed the “king of spices” and used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

White pepper is a spice produced from the dried fruit of the pepper plant. The sun-dried fruit, black pepper skin is removed and the kernel is the white pepper. The skin is the most pungent part of the seed.

Package Contents: Premium White Pepper Powder - Safed Mirch

The origin of Pepper is from the western ghats region of Kerala. Our spice is sustainably sourced from small farmers network in Northern Kerala, India

We use only organically grown black pepper processed without the use of toxic pesticides and are strictly grown for domestic use and not for any commercial purpose, We make it powdered in a traditional way and don’t extract any oils.

We also don’t use any kind of preservatives, polishing, additives, etc to add flavor to our spices, reduce cost, or to extend shelf life.

White Pepper vs. Black Pepper

While they come from the berries of the same plant, the difference between white pepper and black pepper starts when the berries are picked. To make black pepper, unripe pepper berries are picked and then they are dried, which blackens the skin and adds flavor elements.

White pepper is made from fully ripe pepper berries. They are soaked in water until the shell falls off, or by placing them under flowing spring water. Then their skins are removed, yielding a whiter, cleaner pepper which also removes some of the hot piperine compound, as well as volatile oils and compounds that give black pepper its aroma. As a result, white pepper has a different flavor and heat component than black pepper. The process used and the handling of white pepper can introduce different flavor notes as well.

Benefits of White Pepper

White pepper has very few calories and adds a lot of flavor to a dish, which may enable to you cut back on salt. You usually would not use enough of it to benefit from the small amount of vitamin C, calcium, and iron it contains. The highest trace mineral content is manganese, with 2 percent of the daily value for 1 gram (1/3 teaspoon). Like black pepper, white pepper can speed up your digestion and gut motility.

Recipes with White Pepper

White pepper is widely used in Indian, Asian, and Mexican cuisines. most often used in white or light-colored dishes and sauces so there won't be any black flecks. White pepper is often used in soups. The hot and sour soup gets its heat primarily from white pepper. White pepper is used in Swedish dishes as well as Basic White Sauce, Egg Fried Rice….. Because of its color, white pepper is ideal for use in white sauces, pasta salads, and seafood dishes. White pepper retains the full pungency of black pepper but has an altered flavor due to partial loss of aroma compounds.

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